Audio Samples


The Band

  • Terry Benson  /  drums
  • Nate Haugle  /  guitar
  • Greg Norman  /  bass
  • Shaw  /  vocals

Bottom Line

Upper Midwest Groove Rock; Thick, Heavy, Unique Grooves


October 2001, in a basement off Franklin Street in Madison, WI, a rock band was brewing, not unlike the meads and ales of yore. Kept in the moist confines of the root cellar, the four young men decided they had heard enough of the commercial rock shit being served up as apple pie. These mates developed a sound unique but respectively borrowed from the tube powered rockers of the 70’s. Cultivating songs with furious and intricate basslines, soaked in tone blues guitar riffs, Ginger Baker meets Danny Carry beats, and an enthralling front man, these guys launched an individual soundscape that would only escalate from these early days.

Well as most bands know, sometimes the "real" world must call some away - exit bassist #1. The new change in the crew brought with it a new breath of desire, a desire to intensify the music and focus on the heavier of grooves. The Witt stepped up and fulfilled our three remaining heroes need to rock. Old songs changed and some died as the new influences took hold. This lineup enjoyed many performances, open song writing, and put together one hell of a collection of five songs on disc.

But as fate would have it, that goddamn "reality" they all tried to avoid reared its snaggle-toothed head and snatched bassist #2 away. Third times a charm they say and let them keep saying it, for bassist #3 was the nuclear reaction the boys were looking for - enter Mr. Norman, a seasoned Madison area rocker with baselines as solid as granite.


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Date Venues Bands
9/22/2019 Private Event
9/14/2019 Bos Meadery ST37, The Grand Fury
5/11/2019 The Moon Room The Rogue Electric, The Unmoved Movers
3/22/2019 Art In Motherhive
3/08/2019 Bos Meadery Droids Attack, Rogue Rat
2/15/2019 Cactus Club Droids Attack, Power Wagon, Preomnor
1/19/2019 The Wisco Our Friends the Savages, Cold Black River
4/14/2018 The Frequency Our Friends the Savages
8/11/2017 The Wisco Winning Ugly, Rogue Rat
4/15/2017 Bos Meadery Our Friends the Savages The Werewolverines
3/10/2017 The Frequency Rogue Rat, Subatomic
3/3/2016 High-Noon Saloon The Beast Of Bray Road, One Last Run, The Malcomexicans
12/18/2015 Mickey's Tavern Emilie Brandy, The Garza
8/21/2015 The Wisco Order of the Jackal, Dead Zebbra
4/17/2015 House of Rock, Eau Claire Star Across, Antistar
1/24/2015 The Lazy Oaf Lounge Cats On Leashes, The Creeps, The Grand Fury
9/5/2014 The Frequency Attalla, Sir! No Sir!, Stare Across
7/11/2014 The Wisco Devil To Drag, Sir!NoSir!
April 12, 2014 Mickey's Tavern Sir! No Sir!
April 05, 2014 House of Rock (Eau Claire) Remora, Whale House, Stare Across
March 14, 2014 The Wisco Sir! No Sir!, Crackhammer
Sept 06, 2013 The Frequency, Madison The Skintones, My God The Heat, Jet Edison
Aug 03, 2012 The Frequency, Madison Zvoov , Canyons of Static , Asumaya
Feb 16, 2012 Mr. Robert's, Madison The Type, Sir! No Sir!
Jan 14, 2012 The Frequency, Madison Zvoov, Tiger Clutch, Preverse Engineer
Jan 13, 2012 Frank's Power Plant, Milwaukee Zvoov, Sonic J
Nov 18, 2011 The Frequency, Madison Lollipop Factory
August 28, 2011 High-Noon Saloon, Madison Czarbles , ZeroBeat
May 06, 2011 The Frequency, Madison Lollipop Factory , The Big Strong Men , The Nod
Oct 21, 2010 Argus Underground, Madison The Labor That Kills
August 12, 2010 The Frequency, Madison Lollipop Factory
June 24, 2010 The Inferno, Maple Bluff Underculture , The Type
April 1, 2010 Argus Underground, Madison The Isthmusians of Comedy
Oct 21, 2009 Argus Underground, Madison  
July 22, 2009 The Frequency, Madison Lollipop Factory , Underculture
July 16, 2009 High-Noon Saloon, Madison Blackout Jack , The Body Thief
March 9, 2009 The Frequency, Madison Domenica , The Type
Dec 29, 2008 High-Noon Saloon, Madison The God Damns
July 31, 2008 The Frequency, Madison Thula , The Cutouts
Oct 16, 2007 King Club, Madison  
Aug 29, 2007 The Klinic, Madison Axis
Aug 01, 2007 King Club, Madison Blamm-o , Apparatus
Nov 9, 2006 The Inferno, Maple Bluff Grandstand , Cacti Hi-Fi
June 2, 2006 The Klinic, Madison Tel Aviv, Coppola
April 19, 2006 High-Noon Saloon, Madison The Arge , Indian
March 16, 2006 The Inferno, Maple Bluff Mulligan Stu , Droids Attack
March 11, 2006 The Klinic, Madison Lost Nation , Gibbous
Dec 2, 2005 Glass Nickel Pizza Co. Czarbles , Chemicals in Action
Nov 10, 2005 The Inferno, Maple Bluff Things Fall Apart
Oct 20, 2005 The Annex, Madison Schaffer the Darklord , Coolzey
Aug 25,2005 The Inferno, Maple Bluff Droids Attack , The Hat Party
June 18, 2005 High-Noon Saloon, Madison Atomic Bitchwax , Under The Surface
June 8,2005 Corral Room, Madison Words to a Film Score , Fair-Weather Friend
April 29, 2005 Corral Room, Madison 88-89, Secondhand
March 24, 2005 High Noon Saloon, Madison The Arge , Under The Surface
March 9, 2005 Slipper Club, Madison The OuttaToons , Optometri
Nov. 26, 2004 High Noon Saloon, Madison Hum Machine , Environmental Sounds for Apes
March 6, 2004 The Klinic, Madison Cats Not Dogs , Seven One Five
Jan. 29, 2004 The Anchor Inn, Madison Czarbles , The Cut Outs
Jan. 14, 2004 The Anchor Inn, Madison Vox Humana , The Hat Party , The Wilhelms
Sept. 3, 2003 Stagedoor, Madison Decayed 8:44
July 18, 2003 Dragon Room, Madison Czarbles , Mudshark
July 9, 2003 Stagedoor, Madison Colony of Watts, Mercy Chord
May 30, 2003 Dragon Room, Madison Colony of Watts, Mudshark
May 21, 2003 The Anchor Inn, Madison Colony of Watts, Twitching Squirrel
March 1, 2003 The Crystal Corner, Madison Hum Machine
Dec. 20, 2002 The Annex, Madison Hum Machine , Four Times Daily
Aug. 13, 2002 Luther's Blues, Madison Ritual Blend
July 1, 2002 Angelic Brewery, Madison Sir Wesley Hixson
June 3, 2002 Angelic Brewery, Madison Soft Release, Tim Curtis
Dec. 7, 2001 Corral Room, Madison Transformer Lootbag , Bugatti Type 35